Montana Rifle Hunting

Your physical capabilities can be matched to the type of hunting and terrain that will give you a good hunt. Handicapped hunters can enjoy success in some of our areas. Hunting is done by using 4×4 trucks for transportation. Some hunting is done in walk-in areas. Physical condition can enhance your opportunity.

When a hunt is booked with Billingsley Ranch Outfitters, we can program the hunt in several different ways. Deer species can be hunted in a combination with antelope. A bird hunt or fishing trip can be added as a side trip.

After successfully bagging your big game, you are welcome to hunt birds, varmints, or coyotes for the remainder of your stay.

Mule Deer

Hunting is done on private lands and public ground. We hunt open badlands, the Missouri River Breaks, and a walk-in wilderness area for Muleys. Good quality bucks are found in all areas. Much of our hunting is done by 4×4 trucks, glassing and stalking.

All Mule deer hunting can be done from the modern accommodations at the ranch headquarters. The Breaks offer scattered pines and rough country. We use 4×4 trucks, glassing and walking as a means of hunting in this area.

We can match your physical capabilities to the type of hunting and terrain that will give you a good hunt.

Whitetail Deer

A short drive from the ranch puts you into prime Whitetail hunting areas. Whitetail hunting can be our least physical type of hunting. Hunting methods used are: blinds; glassing from vantage points overlooking bedding and feeding areas; and, stalking. Hunting with 4×4 trucks or walking open areas can produce quick shots.


Antelope tags are on a draw basis due by June 1. The first choice area is hunted out the “back door” of our ranch and offers quality antelope.

Hunting is done in open rolling sagebrush prairies. Hunting is done by 4×4 trucks, glassing, and then stalking. Shots can range from 150 yards to 300 yards. The average shot is 200-250 yards.

Antelope can be hunted in combination with Whitetail or Mule deer the last part of October and the first week of November.

We also offer Management Guide’s choice deer hunts.

Looking for a Bighorn Sheep hunt?